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Knowledgeable HVAC Professionals for Removing & Replacing Ductwork

The ductwork in your home or business is responsible for circulating large amounts of air from your HVAC system to your vents. When ductwork is poorly installed or damaged, it can drastically decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency. Depending on the size of your property, this can increase your utility bill by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

At DG Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide superior removal and air duct replacement services in San Jose. Our techs are fully licensed and insured and committed to completing your project on time and within your budget.

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Custom Ductwork Fabrication and Design

  • Fabrication – Ductwork fabrication consists of taking sheet metal and creating duct and duct fittings. Not a lot of HVAC technicians offer this service, relying on third-party “tin knockers” to get the job done. However, our skilled San Jose duct experts take care of everything in-house.
  • Design – Ductwork is vital for a comfortable home or office. But since no two buildings are the same, it’s unreasonable to think the same duct system will work for different units. Our team takes time to understand your ductwork needs and create customized designs.

Professional Duct Installation and Repair Services

  • Installation – Our HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience to effectively install your new ducts. Whether you’re installing a brand-new ductwork system or want to replace your old unit, we take care of the job with care and precision.
  • Repair – Just like any HVAC unit, regularly maintaining your duct system can prevent extensive damage and extend the unit’s life. However, problems happen and if you’re having issues with your ducts, we can handle it! Our San Jose duct repairs are fast and reliable.

How Can You Tell if It is Time to Replace Ductwork?

Many HVAC issues should be handled by a professional. Determining if you should replace your ductwork is one of those times. Due to the extensive labor and cost involved, you will not want to have new ductwork installed unless you absolutely need it.

Signs Your Ductwork Needs Replacement

  • Your home is excessively dusty
  • You have poor indoor air quality
  • Your ductwork leaks air
  • Your registers lack adequate airflow
  • You smell mildew
  • You have a mold growing in your ducts
  • The ductwork in your home is over 15 years old
  • Your property’s temperature is inconsistent
  • Your HVAC unit is noisy
  • Your utility bills are higher than usual
  • Your ductwork is improperly sized

Our HVAC specialists can inspect your ductwork and provide an honest opinion of your best options. If your ductwork requires repair, we have the tools and skills to make the necessary repairs quickly and effectively. Should your ducts need to be replaced, our technicians can remove and replace them and have your heating and cooling system back up and running in no time.

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What is the Cost to Replace Ductwork?

The cost to replace ductwork depends on several factors, including the size of your home or property, the materials used, and the labor required. 

Replacing air ducts can range from $1,400 to $5,600, $25 to $55 per linear foot, or $270 to $500 per duct. However, many homeowners pay an average of $3,670.

If the design is particularly complicated, the cost to replace your ductwork might be higher because of the time and effort required. Additionally, installing brand new ductwork to property that’s never had it before can also cost more. Homeowners should also factor in the cost of permit fees when thinking of ductwork replacement. Experienced HVAC contractors know that ductwork installation in San Jose requires a permit and can obtain the correct ones.

How Hard is it To Replace Ductwork?

Replacing ductwork can be complex and time-consuming, and the difficulty depends on factors like the system's size, accessibility, and skill level of the person/team performing the replacement. It's best to hire a licensed HVAC contractor who can assess the system's needs, provide a detailed estimate, and ensure safe and effective replacement.

Rely on Our San Jose Duct Removal & Replacement Experts

Get the highest quality duct solutions when you turn to DG Heating & Air Conditioning. Our professional and informative techs will go above and beyond to make sure that your job is completed right the first time. We take the time to understand your duct system before creating customized solutions. Whether you need a new ductwork system installed or want to repair your old ducts, we’ve got you covered! We’ll happily provide free estimates and answer all of your questions so you can make an informed decision about your HVAC system. 

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