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Will Curtains Keep My Home Cool?

Curtains on a rod

With high temperatures and sweaty days, homeowners are always looking for ways to keep their homes cool and comfortable without cranking the air conditioning and racking up a high energy bill.

Thankfully, there is something every homeowner can do to reduce the temperature inside their home without relying on the thermostat.

Draw the Shades!

Types of Curtains

When choosing the curtains you’d like in your home, style is very important. You want them to blend in with your decor while still serving the purpose of privacy and shade.

Normal drapes and blinds will keep the sun out and potentially keep the home cooler, but the most efficient cooling fabric to hang is a blackout fabric.

Luckily, so-called “blackout curtains” aren’t always black, and they don’t always have to be the main window dressing you install. A blackout liner can hang to keep the sun out of the room while your curtains hang in front and are still the star of the show!

Blackout curtains also come in a wide selection of colors and styles so you don’t have to compromise looks for comfort. Additionally, the lighter the color of the fabric, the less heat it will absorb and draw into your home.

How They Help

Like many other cooling tips we recommend, blackout curtains won’t completely cool your home on their own. They should be used in conjunction with an efficient air conditioning system for the best results.

The Department of Energy says that the use of curtains can reduce heat gain from windows by up to 77 percent! This reduced heat gain is sure to lower your energy bills over time.

Stay Cool, San Jose!

For more tips on how to stay cool this season, check out our other blogs! If you’re looking for a new HVAC system to keep your home comfortable in the summer heat, contact DG Heating & Air Conditioning by calling (408) 669-3496 or set up an appointment online!