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Cool Ways to Survive Warmer Weather

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Efficient Cooling

It’s that time of year when the days are growing longer and temperatures are rising. While us Californians may have already turned our ac’s on for some of the warmer days this year, the hottest days are still ahead of us as we slowly transition into summertime.

With this transition comes sweaty days outside after which you are ready to return to a cool and comfortable home. What you don’t love about the cool and comfortable home? The high utility bills can come with a pumped-up air conditioner.

Read on to learn how to ensure your cooling system is as efficient as possible, as well as some tricks to keeping the home cool without an overworked air conditioner.

Energy Saving Tips

Take a look at some of our recommendations to keep an air conditioner working efficiently.

Air Filters

This is one of the simplest tasks which has a big impact! Your air filters are responsible for removing airborne particles from the air you breathe, improving your indoor air quality. These particles include dust, dirt, debris, pollen, and other allergens. Once these air filters are full, they can become clogged, inhibiting air from passing through them properly and causing your unit to work even harder, ultimately costing you more money.

We recommend changing your air filters every three months, and especially at the start of a new season.

Windows and Doors

Windows that are not properly sealed could be responsible for about 25-30% of your energy bill. That’s an incredibly high amount of cool air being lost!

Take the time to inspect your doors and windows and reseal them to keep the summer heat out and the cold air in.

Another great tool is curtains! When drawn closed, they block out the hot summer sun and keep you cool.

Use Other Devices

Take advantage of other cooling methods to work in conjunction with your air conditioner. Invest in a dehumidifier to rid excess moisture from the air and make you feel more comfortable. Ceiling fans, if you have them, are another great resource to use to cool you down. Read our blog about how to use them properly to save on HVAC costs.

Regular Maintenance

A crucial step in ensuring your ac is efficiently running is by keeping up on regular preventative AC maintenance. At your appointment with an HVAC technician, they will examine your unit, cleaning it up, and fixing any issues they see. They may also be able to determine things that could potentially become larger issues down the road.

More Ways to Cool Down

Other than proper maintenance and care, here are some other ways you can cool down at home.

Hydration & Treats

Dehydration is a common issue during the hot summer months that if serious enough, could result in hospitalization. Keep your water intake up as the days get warmer to cool down your body and keep it happy.

Keep plenty of popsicles and ice cream in the freezer to munch on when you’re hungry and warm!


As bone-chilling as it can be, a cold shower is a great way to cool down fast! If you have trouble falling asleep while the temperatures are high, consider taking a cold shower or bath right before bed for a more comfortable bedtime.

If ice-cold submerging isn’t for you, simply wet a washcloth with cold water and put it over your forehead to chill out. Or, fill a spray bottle with some icy water and keep it nearby to spritz on your face every few minutes!

Air Conditioning Services in San Jose

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