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Why Go Solar?

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The Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar energy has risen in popularity over the past decade, creating one of the only sources of unlimited renewable energy while not producing emissions. Going solar may seem like something out of reach for the average homeowner. Solar panels may be seen as too expensive or as something that will require a lot of maintenance, however they are a lot more affordable and sturdy than you may think.

Solar panels are a great addition to any home and installing them on your home could change the way you live for the better. Read on as we debunk some common solar panel myths and explore the benefits that solar power can provide you.

The Myths

One of the most common reasons homeowners shy away from the thought of solar panels is because they are seen as an expensive investment. While it’s true that they will cost you up front, the price of installation has gone down significantly in the past decade. Many companies are also making solar panels more accessible to families by offering financing.

Another rumor we hear is that they don’t last very long and require a lot of maintenance. Modern solar panels are built to last and are incredibly durable. Barring extreme cases, the only maintenance required is a bit of cleaning from time to time as they become dusty.

Solar panels have also been called ugly. And while we can’t tell someone what they can and cannot think is ugly, we will say that certain solar panels can be more unassuming than people realize. Work with your solar installation team to find the right panels for your home that won’t ruin your curbside appeal.

The Benefits

Now let’s dive into what makes homeowners so happy after installation is complete.


The whole point of solar is to produce energy for your home with the help of the sun. This will significantly cut down on your energy consumption and bills. The more panels, the more you save! Additionally, the lack of maintenance required means you won’t be needing to cough up a few hundred dollars for repairs every year.

It is estimated that your solar panel installation could save you thousands of dollars in energy consumption every year, beginning on day one!

Thinking to the Future

If you’re looking to sell your home later down the line, solar panels could be a showstopper for potential buyers. They know that the installation has already been completed, and that they are in for some savings on their energy bill each month. You could potentially add around $5000 to your home’s value per kilowatt installed.

Additionally, having stored energy will keep you prepared in the event of an emergency. If the power goes out, you will have the energy stored to keep the lights on!

Renewable Energy

Knowing that you’re doing something that is helping our planet is sure to lift your spirits. Solar energy is available constantly and cannot run out, meaning your solar panels will be able to produce energy for your home for generations to come.

By installing a solar system on your home, you will be helping offset 3-4 tons of carbon emission a year. That is as much as planting 100 trees per year.

Solar Panel Installation in San Jose

Going solar in the sunny state of California has never been easier with the help of DG Heating & Air Conditioning! Our team is here to help you take control of your energy consumption and get money back in your pocket. Give us a call at (408) 669-3496 for a free estimate and answers to your questions.