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How to Beat Dry Winter Air in Your Home

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The harsh winter temperatures can take a toll on your body and home. Dry winter air will settle in every room, making for an uncomfortable winter that could cause health issues. We’ve put together a list of problems dry air can cause and how you can prevent them in your home.

Problems with Dry Air

Humidity levels naturally drop as the cold weather moves in. A humidity imbalance can cause the following discomforts in your home:

  • Static electricity
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin
  • Damaged wooden furniture
  • Uncomfortable nasal passage
  • A lack of moisture for your respiratory system

Thankfully, all of the problems dry air can cause are easily preventable with these tips and upgrades you can do at home!

Use a Humidifier

The most effective way to bring up humidity levels at home is to use a humidifier. The heated air from your furnace is naturally very dry and, while it keeps you warm during the cold months, the air won’t be as comfortable. Invest in a portable humidifier that can be placed in any room, or opt for a whole-home humidifier that will work directly with your furnace to add moisture to the warm air directly.

Stay Hydrated

It’s not just during the hot summer months that you need to be drinking water, the winter air will just as easily dehydrate you. Drinking plenty of water will add moisture back into your skin, easing any irritation the air may have caused.

Some other ways to stay hydrated are:

  • Use moisturizer
  • Avoid washing your hands with hot water
  • Choose soaps that moisturize as they clean
  • Keep lip-balm readily available

Air Dry

Looking for free ways to combat the harsh air? At the end of your dishwasher’s rinse cycle, consider opening the door and letting the dishes air dry. This will add all the condensation back into the air. The same goes for any laundry you choose to air dry. And if you love long, hot showers, leaving the door open during them to allow the steam to travel from the bathroom into other rooms.

You can also try a DIY humidifier. Simply put out saucers of water throughout your house and let evaporation do its thing! You may have some confused guests wondering why you have bowls of water on your bookshelf, but at least you’ll be more comfortable!

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