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Unique Ways to Heat Your Home

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During the wintertime, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to experience higher monthly energy bills. To save money, consider using an alternative heating source. Here are a few ideas.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is exceptionally efficient. You could increase your yearly energy savings by up to 25 percent. Not only are radiant floor heating systems less expensive to operate, but they also virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore, your home will be far less likely to experience any cold spots. Both electric and water-based systems are available.

Solar Heating

You can use solar energy to keep your home warm and cozy. After getting a solar heating system, expect your winter fuel costs to decrease dramatically. Contrary to common belief, reduced sunlight during the winter months isn’t an issue. Even on cloudy days, solar heating units capture the sun’s abundant energy. If you’re striving to live a green lifestyle, a solar heater will prove to be an even greater investment.

Geothermal Heating

More and more people are starting to hop on the geothermal heating bandwagon. What makes a geothermal heat pump so great? For starters, a geothermal heater is an estimated 400 percent more efficient than a typical HVAC system. It transfers heat from underneath your lawn into your home. Although the outdoor temperature may be several degrees below freezing, the ground tends to remain at a constant 55 degrees throughout the year. Because of a geothermal heater’s durability, you won’t have to worry about it replacing it anytime soon.

Bottom line: DG Heating & Air Conditioning has more than 30 years of combined experience installing, repairing, and maintaining heating systems. To schedule an appointment, call (408) 669-3496.