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Save on HVAC Costs This Year

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From clipping coupons to two-for-one night specials at our favorite local restaurants, we’re all trying to find ways to save money wherever we can — especially when it comes to using our HVAC units in our homes.

High energy bills can be a source of stress for homeowners, so this year, we’re giving you the ultimate guide to save on HVAC costs with DIY solutions and professional services.

Let’s get to the savings!

Insulation is Important

Insulation plays a huge role in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, and its job doesn’t stop after the fall and winter seasons. Insulating your attic is a great place to start, as a lot of air can escape through this often forgotten space.

Other areas you’ll want to make sure are sealed up tight are rooms with drafty windows and doors. To do this, head to your local home improvement store and look for window-sealing kits and door sweeps. Of course, if you’d like to forgo door sweeps, consider purchasing (or making) door snakes.

Also, keep in mind: During the hottest months of the year, keeping your house cool can be a big feat for your air conditioner. Optimize its performance and cut down on energy consumption by drawing the shades or installing tinted window films to keep the hot sun from pouring in.

A New Thermostat

A programmable thermostat (also known as a “smart thermostat”) will do wonders for temperature control. Setting timers to begin a warm-up or cool-down, in preparation for your arrival home, will allow you to keep your unit off while you’re away but feel comfortable as soon as you arrive at your front door!

While the upfront costs of a smart thermostat can be costly, over time, they’ll pay for themselves and help with HVAC efficiency.

Routine Maintenance

The best thing you can do for your HVAC this year is to schedule routine maintenance with professionals, as well as perform some quick fixes yourself!

At DG Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians are trained to tune-up your unit and catch anything that could cause a problem in the future, avoiding potentially costly repairs.

Something you can do at home to keep your unit running efficiently is by checking and changing your air filters regularly (about every three months, to be exact). Air filters catch dirt, debris, and pet dander and remove them from sitting in your air. If these airborne allergens weren’t removed, any large buildups will most likely cause your system to overwork itself, resulting in more energy usage and potentially lessening the unit’s lifespan.


If your system has been around for over 10 years, the best way to save you money is to spend money. Outdated HVAC systems are slow, inefficient, and don’t do their job as well as newer models. While a new unit will cost you upfront, it will pay for itself over its lifetime.

DG Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are experts at new installations and are equipped to help you choose which system is right for your home and lifestyle.

Other Ways to Save

Not every way to save has to be a huge project or upgrade. Here are some simpler ways to cut costs.

Ceiling Fans

In the summertime, keep your thermostat settings higher by having ceiling fans rotate in a counterclockwise direction to keep you cool. In the wintertime, turn your thermostat setting lower and switch the fan to rotate clockwise to circulate warm air and remove the cold air.

Space Heaters

If you’re confined to one area of your humble abode the majority of the day, this may be a good choice for your home heating. Rather than using your thermostat to heat all those unoccupied rooms, use one space heater to keep yourself warm while you’re tucked away in your room, office, or living room.

Run Appliances at Night

Running your washing machine or dishwasher will produce heat, creating more work for your AC unit as it tries to cool the air down. Try to run these appliances at night when temperatures are lower so you won’t have to cool down the home as much!

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