New Construction

From the materials and equipment to the floor plans and landscaping, new construction offers endless opportunities for customization.  Our extensive design-and-build experience has made us the leading choice for residential and commercial installations. Whether installed in a small retail space or a grand home, HVAC systems are most effective when designed from the ground up. Our design team is eager to work with your construction manager or general contractor to create the ideal system.

From rooftop units to ductless systems, DG Heating and Air Conditioning offers a full range of heating and cooling systems. Your options include traditional forced-air systems as well as ductless units that deliver conditioned air into individual rooms or zones. A variety of smart control systems are also available that allow you to fine-tune your comfort from Wi-Fi enabled devices. Whatever system you choose, you can count on our total involvement during the installation phase.

Our skilled professionals ensure that:

  • Ductwork is properly sealed, strapped and positioned for robust air delivery into every work environment or living space.
  • Systems are charged with the correct amount of refrigerant at the outset to ensure your system performs to the manufacturer’s performance and efficiency levels.
  • Outdoor units are placed in the ideal location outside your structure and secured on pads for long-lasting durability.
  • A series of operational tests is executed to verify that your new equipment performs according to the manufacturer’s specifications.